January 26,2014

Changing the date of January 25, 2014
to January 26,2014 (Sunday) because of
National Wrestling Tournament at CSDR on Jan 24-25.


Food Court at Ontario Mills Outlet Mall



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 Feedback on yearly schedule on webpage

Meet there at Food Court on noon to eat. 
The meeting starts at
1pm and discuss what plan during the
 year of 2014 you have monthly biking ride. So Paul, webmaster will gather your trip planning.
If you can't show up, you can email me with your information, so i can share that at meeting.
(The reason I pick the place is that there will be no limit of sitting and chatting for hours better
than restaurant they may complain for sitting too long)


Drive on Freeway 15 North and pass Freeway 10, there is first exit "4th St toward West",
On the 4th street, you will see Costco on the right side, first intersection,
Turn left on Buffalo Ave. there are parking lot, finding "
3C" parking area.
Gameworks is right there at
Entry 3.

Please bring your own calendar so the plan may not be conflicted.

about doing your homework

See you all

Bikers will show up the once a year meeting
Guidelines if any)

Who Will Go? List
Thank you for visiting our page. We would love
it if you would Add to this list if you are going!

Bikers' names: Riders' names:
  Paul T. Stefurak  
  Patrick Unchangco   need his email address. 
  Daniel Briones ( Maybe )   Lynne Briones ( Maybe )
  Gorman Low  
  Mike Hirsch   Valerie Hirsch
  Edward Broeker  
  Thomas Tweedie  
  Craig Marshall   Beth Marshall
  Barry Katz  
  Chris Bello  
  Alan Haney. ( maybe )   Cynthia Corley / Jesica Davis
  Cynthia Corley  
  Robert Olvera   Elizabeth Olvera
  Mike Higgins  

Reminder: To Refresh to see the Update List  


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