This organization consists of the following: (1) no officers, (2) no membership dues and (3) no by-laws.

Southern California Deaf Bikers was designed to be for rides, tours, runs and stopping at various designated locations together with other Deaf Bikers.  

Southern California Deaf Bikers does not hold or become the sole owner of property and the like of anything that is held in the preceding meetings,  We are all equal in our participation, therefore, there will be just one designated "Leader" who will coordinate the website, and this person will be the webmaster. The following guidelines are set up in order to encourage harmony among all Deaf bikers:

  1. Once a year, around January (which tends to be the lowest peak in bike riding), there will be a meeting to collect and set up routes and runs.
  2. The person hosting the route or runs will become the road captain for that event and s/he must be there. If the road captain is absent, then his/her alternate will assume the responsibility of road captain of that event. The road captain is responsible to inform the webmaster exactly where and when the route/run will start and end.  Bikers should contact the road captain for info, not the webmaster. The event will be inserted in the webpage at least two (2) weeks in advance.
  3. The  person who hosts a gathering at someone's house with a limited number of people will be respected.  "First come, First serve" will be the rule.  Please be advised that this is designed for Deaf bikers.  Hearing people are welcomed, but must understand that the deaf have first choice in restricted and limited gatherings.  We do not intend to close out our hearing friends, but only on a limited basis.   
  4. Southern California Deaf Bikers is not designed to teach people American Sign Language (ASL), but for keeping the atmosphere friendly, enjoyable and relaxing.  ASL is our natural language and there are classes offered in community colleges for the purpose of learning sign language.  
  5. The route, runs, and rides are unlimited to anyone, to every biker big and small. Those who want to drive in an enclosed vehicle are welcome to join. Those who ride in an enclosed vehicle will need to follow the bikers  unless otherwise instructed by the road captain.
  6. With regards to fueling: When the smallest tanks needs to be filled, the others with larger tanks should get their fuel as well.  We do not want to create a problem with fuel situations; it's wise to fill your tank in any situation.
  7. Hosted events should not take place during long holiday weekends of three (3) days off. For example: Fathers Day (third Sunday of June), Mother's Day (2nd Sunday of May), Easter Day (April 16th, 2006), Halloween weekend and any other weekend of big special deaf events.
  8. It is always wise to have a buddy;  We encourage you to have a buddy on any of the routes, rides and runs.  If one of your buddies encounters a situation that needs the group to slow down, or pull over, that buddy will make sure to notify the leader or road captain because we care for each other.
  9. It is always wise to stay in the lane following the road captain and in a zigzag format and be patient with each other.  No foul play or doing any dangerous stunts to create any danger to the group.

There are five (5) categories of bike riders and are defined: (copied from motorcycle touring in Southern California)

-          SLABBER

-          MEANDERER

-          BENDER

-          CROTCH ROCKET

-          BIG DOG RUN

This can be explained at each ride/run.


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