Frequently Asked Questions:


Frequently Asked Questions About Deaf Motorcycle Links:

Q: Does Deaf Motorcycle Links link out of USA?
A: Yes; so far there are ten countries.

There are several good examples -- they design their own Webpages:

Austria Web page

Belgium Web page

Germany Web page

Holland Web page

For USA:

Q: What does Deaf Motorcycle Links WebMaster expect?
A: Webmaster highly encourages all States have their own Motorcycle WebPage designed for their own State. 

Deaf Motorcycle Links will link to State Webpages.  In the beginning, WebMaster will be glad to help design the State Webpage until the State people find a Webmaster for that State.

Good examples;

Colorado Web page

Washington State Web page

Q:  What is the advantage for having a State Webmaster?
A: He/she can design anything the bikers like as long as it is decent (in good taste) and relates to Motorcycle stuff. For example: images, pages, photos, upcoming events and biker lists. Your State Webmaster pays $5.00 to Deaf Motorcycle Links for hyperlink usage.

Also, Deaf Motorcycle Links' Webmaster expects each State webpage should
have several hyperlinks to some independent motorcycle organizations' webpages within the State and also to individual motorcyclists' webpages.

Q:  Can bikers add their name on the list?. 
A:  Yes.  If you want to add your name, click the form that is provided.  You must pay only $1.00 per year to keep your name on the list.

Q:  What is the disadvantage for a biker who has no webpage of own in his/her State or in Deaf Motorcycle Links?
A:  Some bikers may not like what the Webmaster designs for them.  It will be limited to 2 photos of each biker as long as you pay $2.50 per year for photos and  name on the list.

Q:  What is the advantage for a biker who has a state webpage of his/her own in Deaf Motorcycle Links? 
A:  Your State webpage will have no limit for you to design, many photos, events, stories, etc.

Q:  Who should you make your payment payable to?
A:  Please make your payment to:  Paul Stefurak then mail it to: 6855 Astoria Drive, Riverside, CA 92503-1005.

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