July 6 to 10, 2012

Deaf Bikers of America Rally
at Kentucky


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Bikers' names: & States Riders' names: & States
  Dennis Apperson - SD   Denise - SD
  Stavros Baucom - NC  
  Byron Wayne Bridges - TX  
  Mike Ellis - CO  
  Michael Higgins - CA  
  Dick Moore - KY   Doreen Moore - KY
  Jeff Morrison  
  George Payne SR - KY   Adri Bivins
  Paul N. Ramser - KY   Kristi L. Wolf - KY
  Ed Rogers - NC   Mary Rogers - NC
  Bobbie Beth Scoggins - TX  
  Gordon Senesac Sr. - ?  
  Bobby Sogolow- KY   Judy England - KY
  Ben Soukup - SD  
  David Soukup - SD  
  Gene Waldridge - interpreter   Rebecca Reihm
  Above-Total of Bikers = 16   Above-Total of Riders = 7

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(Bottom of the biker's list, I will update to make it in alphabet order when I have time)

More info., email Dick Moore, Chairperson   

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