In Memory of Jack Levesque
January 1, 1945 - October 12, 2012

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During his work time:


January 1, 1945 - October 12, 2012

Jack Levesque will always be remembered as a beloved community activist and leader. He was an advocate, administrator, and teacher who gave his best to the Deaf community. He worked as a VR counselor at the Department of Rehabilitation, co-founded the Massachusetts State Association of the Deaf, and was director of several deaf-related agencies before his tenure as executive director of DCARA in 1981 through 1998.

A famous (and true) story about Jax when he worked for the Department of Rehabilitation:

Jax and other Deaf employees who were working there at the time were not getting access to the phone through interpreters or TTYs. So Jax arrived early one morning and disconnected all the phones and hid the cords. When the hearing workers arrived that morning they had exactly the same phone access as the Deaf people did. He proved his point.

Under Jax's leadership at DCARA:

  • DCARA established its administrative headquarters in San Leandro
  • The Deafened Adult Program was established to provide services and programs for those deafened later in life
  • The Bookstore was renamed Deaf Store and began selling videotapes, deaf-related novelites, and signaling devices, in addition to books
  • A Thanksgiving Feast was offered free to low-income clients and senior citizens for the first time in San Leandro, and became an annual event
  • DCARA, with CalCLAD, championed legislation to require the provision of sign language interpreters in all California courtrooms
  • DCARA was instrumental in establishing the first Deaf Women's Conference
  • DCARA's Deaf Latino/Foreign Born Program in San Jose was established
  • DCARA established Deaf House, a transitional housing program, in Hayward for homeless deaf people
  • DCARA established the Deaf Gay and Lesbian Center (DGLC) in San Francisco. It was the first and only such center in the nation
  • DCARA, with financial assistance from the East Bay Club for the Deaf, purchased the Deaf Community Center (DCC) property. An old garage was converted into a multi-purpose room, creating the DCC that exists today
  • Trades Program
  • Deaf American Channel
  • Famous Santa Cruz Boardwalk, at that time called, "DCARA DAY"
  • Volunteer Deaf-Blind program that has grown into a support group, Northern California Association for the Deaf and Blind, which meets on the first Saturday of every month at DCC

Jax was born in Indian Orchard, MA and graduated from the Clarke School for the Deaf in 1960. He graduated from Gallaudet College in 1972, and received his master's from the California State University, Northridge in 1981. He is survived by Ann Macintyre, his daughters: Aimee Levesque, Jacquelyn Conrad and Marie Levesque, His son -in law, Christopher Conrad and granddaughter, Phoebe Conrad. Jax will be missed by many.


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