Registered Trademark

Jax Levesque

Dennise Scott
Paul T. Stefurak

Paul T. Stefurak

Bobby Sogolow

Bobby Skedsmo

Fred R. Davis

Edwin L. Martin

George Payne

Ed Rogers

Ronald H. Gabriel

Rocky Finley

Paul Ramser

Stavros D. Baucom

Dick Moore

Don Dauenheimer

Martin Teltser

Dennise Scott

Thomas Klenert

Bennie Lacks

Chris Bello

Les Webber

Mike Hager

Rocky Dreyer

Katie Dreyer

Michael Friesen

Robert Distler
Jax Levesque 

Craig Ensley

Jackie Ensley

Fred Goebel

Mike Higgins

Dodi Ellis

Bruce Gould

When it reaches 712 dollars, it will stop it.    No more donation.
Thank you for your donation!
(Maximum of $25, let other donating persons to chip in)

In 2017, we need 404 dollars to pay to keep DBA's registered trademark every 5 years.

Claude R. Moore

Brett B. Jolley

Darrell Dall

Eric Jindra

Bennie Lacks

Debby Bingham

Michael Friesen

Robert Distler

John Salvato

Dave Tester

Edward Rogers

Mary Burns Rogers

Paul Ramser

Dennise Scott

Tina Leonard

Bobby Skedsmo

In 2022, we need some dollars to pay to keep DBA's registered trademark every 5 years.


Need money for DBA's Logo (copyright).  After bikers at Sturgis, 2015 vote
which logo they like.   it will stop gathering money after we find out how much
the copyright fee will be.

Eric Jindra

Dennise Scott

Wayne D. Wadler

Please mail a check,
payable to Paul T. Stefurak
6855 Astoria Drive
Riverside, CA 92503-1005

email him for questions.

Year of 2000

Jax Levesque
Year of 2005
Paul T. Stefurak
Year of 2010
Marlene Hodge
Year of 2015

James and Lisa Luttrell
Year of 2020

David Soukup,
Bobbie Beth Scoggins
and Byron Bridges

Video shown how DBA get a registered trademark

Video tells u, "Thank you for your support!"

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