Kentucky Bike Fest
 at Sturgis, KY

July 14 - July 17, 2011

Ice-Breaker Party

Cave-in-Rock, IL
You now figure who they are!

Superman Statue - Metropolis, IL

What did they see?

30 photo Album of Ice Breaker Party, Wednesday

30 photo Album, Thursday
(Pre-visit Hometown INN and Custom Biker Wear Store,
Ferry and Cave-in-Rock, IL)

43 photo
Album, Friday
(Land Between The Lakes,
Four Rivers Harley-Davidson of Paducah, KY
and The Superman's Birthplace)

The event of DBA was there!
9 photo Album, Friday by Alina & Mark

    60 photo
Album, Saturday
(Amish Bakery Place,
ferry and Kentucky Bike Fest)

Kentucky Bikefest (2011) was over. Thank DBA

First Annual
Kentucky Bike Fest

Kentucky Bike Fest at Union County Fair & Expo Center
125 Pryor Blvd., Sturgis, KY 42459

More info, call 270-333-7244

ho will go? list
Several places to sleep
Places to see
Distance between Sturgis, KY and other cities

Video Clips

Chairperson needed
Anyone of u would like to be a chairperson, let Bobby know

Bobby "Deaf Popeye" Sogolow,
Road Captain and contact person
for Kentucky Bike Fest at Sturgis, KY
If u have better route(s), email Bobby about it.

Album of Popeye's preview visit on May 28

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